Meet InsurMark Hall of Famer, Jon Lee.


Jonathan LeeEvery year, Jonathan Lee scores millions in annuity and life insurance premium. In addition to being the first advisor inducted into InsurMark’s Hall of Fame, he has earned awards of excellence from some of the top financial institutions in the country. These awards include the prestigious President’s Inner Circle and membership on the All American Team representing the American Funds. Mr. Lee is widely regarded as one of the top financial consultants in the Mid-Atlantic region, and is often on the top ten of any “who’s who” list in his field.  And he is a past-president of the Maryland/Washington D.C./Virginia Area Chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA).

“Over the past 14 years, Mr. Lee has provided training for financial planners, tax advisors, and investment professionals. He managed three different securities offices in Massachusetts, New York, and Maryland, with over $500 million in assets.”

In the Game\Changer program, Jonathan reveals his unique approach for attracting the most affluent, highly qualified clients to his practice, and how you can do the same.

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